About us

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever”

Each item must meet this criterion before it can bear the Oilily name. We hope people enjoy the products we make for a long time.

Oilily makes women's and children's clothing, which is all about style, color and the distinctive Oilily joie de vivre. But it has to be practical, comfortable and functional. Oilily uses surprising color combinations, details and materials and is suitable for anyone who enjoys life. We try to see life through the eyes of our customers. This means that we make versatile clothing for women that can be worn in various ways, on different occasions. And for children this means that we make clothes in which they can play (happy children) with an eye for ecological quality and sustainability (happy parents - and happy planet). 

Our roots

Oilily was founded in 1963 in the Netherlands, as a brand with a vision. Initially a kidswear company, we were the first to put the child at the centre of the creative process. The result was a vibrant new use of colour, innovative design, features kids valued (like deep pockets for stashing your treasure), playful patterns, detailed craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

In 1986, we launched our first womenswear collection. With the same Oilily values, designed for women with the style to wear clothes that stand out and combine garments in fun ways that wouldn’t occur to every woman.

Our offering

Over the years, Oilily has regularly expanded its offering, which now includes bags and accessories, bedding and bathroom collections. Today, Oilily products are sold via high street, department and online stores worldwide.

You’ll find the most extensive selection of Oilily products in our own dutch online shop, from which we ship to most countries in the world, including the USA.

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever”
– John Keats

This opening line from Keats’ poem Endymion has from Day One been a kind of mantra for everyone at Oilily. The touchstone against which we measure an item before it may bear the Oilily name. We make things to last as we hope their owners will want them to last, because they cherish them.