We spend a lot of time and energy on selecting the right suppliers who, like us, are very conscious of the responsible use of materials and responsible production.

Natural resources
For example, we prefer Bio cotton - also called organic cotton. This offers a more environmentally friendly and ethically responsible alternative cotton. Processing is done in a more environmentally friendly way and under good working conditions. In addition to organic cotton, we also use a lot of wool and linen in the collection.

Innovative, high-quality fabrics
Sometimes you need other materials for example for a warm windproof winter jacket. For this we use recycled plastic, preferably plastic extracted from the sea. Our 100% recycled polyester fabrics are made from very high twisted filament yarns, with a large number of fibers. This increases breathability and makes them very comfortable to wear.

Permanently beautiful
Our designs, attention to detail and high quality materials, from fabric to zipper, ensure that Oilily clothing and bags last for years. Every day, Oilily fans proudly post their Oilily Classics on Instagram or Facebook. And that also makes us happy.