“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” – John Keats

Beauty is a constant source of enjoyment. Especially when you are one of those lucky people who can see the beauty in everything, who appreciates the world around you. Because there truly is beauty in everything: in the sun that’s shining, in the flourishing flowers that blossom richly to the smile on a child’s face when it gets an ice-cream.

And that’s exactly what Oilily stands for. For those moments that make life more wonderful and fun, with beauty and enjoyment as the main pillars. Not surprisingly, our mantra is by the poet John Keats “a thing of beauty is a joy of forever”. At Oilily we make sure that everything we do adheres to that mantra. We do this by adding surprising details to our designs with the utmost care and creativity. From a pretty little button on an unexpected spot to a funny quote on the inside of a coat to embroidery with glitter yarn to hidden imaginary animals on your sleeve - beauty is the sum of all details. For us, beauty and enjoyment is the main thread in all we do.

Happy people, happy planet

Not only do we design our clothes with great eye for detail, but we also think about the bigger picture. So we consider how to be sustainable and to make collections that will last for many years. By using high-quality materials, finishings and recycled from PET-bottles we also take care of a happy planet. We believe that not only our children and us should enjoy our world, also the generations to come. We love to use artisanal methods so we work closely with artisans in India who still know how to use very specific embroidery techniques. In Lithuania, we have ateliers with skilled people who specialise in creating the softest knitwear.  

Our story

Oilily was founded in 1963 in the Netherlands by Willem en Marieke Olsthoorn as a brand with a vision. They started Olly, as it was called back then because they were missing happy and colourful clothes for children. They were the first the put the child at the centre when designing: original use of colours, innovative designs, eye for detail when it comes to what children want (like deep pockets to hide treasures in), happy patterns, real craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

In 1986, Oilily launched the first collection for women, not just for the mothers whose kids already wore Oilily but for all free-spirited, creative women who want to add some playful nonchalance to their wardrobe. Since the start, our Oilily values haven’t changed and we still make clothes for children and women who are not afraid to stand out and dare to mix and match.

Our collection

Oilily has expanded its collections over the years with a bag collection, accessories and bedding. All products from the various collections are available worldwide. Find our most complete Women, Girls or Boys clothing collection here.

Have fun shopping!

❤️ Team Oilily