We not only design our clothing with a great eye for detail, but also think about the bigger picture. We think about how we can be sustainable and how we can create collections that will last for many years using high-quality materials and workmanship.

 We prefer to use recycled materials from cotton, wool, or PET bottles. For new cotton and viscose fabrics, we try to choose the organic option wherever possible. In this way we also take care of our planet. We believe that not only our children and we should enjoy our world, but also the generations to come.

 Most of our clothing is made in Europe. This guarantees low CO2 emissions during transport and production processes that must meet strict European environmental requirements.

 We work with regular suppliers, preferably for as long as possible and in many cases for decades. This way we have the best control over who makes it and that this happens under good conditions. We also pay close attention to working conditions and pay in the factories where our clothing and bags are made. We love using artisanal methods, so we work closely with artisans who know how to use very specific (embroidery) techniques.