FW 2019

For the Oilily Fall/Winter kids’ collection 2019, we took kitsch alpine retro as our starting point. But then… African ski lifts and alpine ducks, fluorescent fisherfolk smocks and supersize 80s logos, vegetable faces and toddlers’ scribbles… things got out of hand. Look, it makes no sense; but apply a child’s logic and it works perfectly.

Crazy clashes of styles and materials make for clothes that are fun to look at and even more fun to wear. From traditional paisley prints with neon highlights to a fluorescent fake fur dress with real cuddly toy in the top pocket. You’ll see recognisable Oilily motifs, like paisley prints and bold colour blocks, with a surreal twist. 


Pixel perfect! By blowing up these traditional floral prints until they’re pixelated, we give a classic design a digital-age spin.


Fashion rules… are there to be broken! Cute dresses with 90s ski-suit graphic designs, skirts in neon pink and gold nylon, teddy sweatshirts with ‘ugly’ giant logos, fluorescent piping and teddy yoke, a fake fur dress complete with cuddly toy in the pocket… None of it should work, but it all does. Because at Oilily, we get that to design for kids, we have to think like kids. 

Baby Banksies and weeny Warhols will love these fantasy-filled children’s crayon drawings of alpine scenes and, er, random kids’ stuff on fisherman smock dresses, trousers, tops, winter coats…

Do play with your food! Broccoli afros, onion noses, licorice(!) eyes. This Fall let your kids wear their dinner with pride. Tops, dresses and coats packing enough vitamins to make you greens with envy.

Our Oilily ovation print. The famous Oilily print, used for many years on the Orient scaves, has made it's comeback in the collection in two colourways.

Ain’t no mountain cool enough! This graphic winter print doesn’t just show a mountain scene, it is a mountain scene. With icy look-&-feel silver mountains below a reflective dark blue sky that lights up at night.