Heritage classics take a playful spin. Smart checks and stripes from menswear get a boost with fearlessly feminine colours and novel print combinations. Speckles of florals weave and flow between chic geometrics.

Querelle wears the Pied-de-poule coat Claire over blouse Beyonce, combined with Pascale trousers.

Jip in a check wool-blend bomber with pink faux fur leopard sleeves Janette, on skirt Shelly. Querelle is wearing the check Claire coat on pullover Kortney.

Left: Querelle in chiffon midi-dress Dian, with finely ribbed cuffs. 

First image: Querelle wears the red Pixie trousers with turtleneck Ksera. Second image: Querelle wears Kamelia knitted sweater, with handmade flower dessin.

Left: Querelle in knitted sweater Kamelia. Right: Querelle is wearing a full Fair Isle look with pullover Kelcy and cardigan Klair, combined with skirt Skirty and scarf Ada. Below: Querelle in Paisley cardigan Kasinda and tunic Damian.