Inspiration for this year’s winter coats are clothes people wear who live in mountain regions. And from Chili and Peru to the Atlas Mountains, the similarities are remarkable. We’ve translated tufted carpets, jacquard knits, and wonderful techniques like Otomi embroidery and raised wool into prints and patterns in mega-comfy materials and highly original designs. Pretty Oilily, actually.

Ylse wears the faux fur and faux down filled coat Cozzle. Below: Again Ylse in coat Cozzle, this time combined with dress Texas.

Left: Sade is wearing faux fur coat Chi. Right: Sade wears bodywarmer Caddylama.

Above: Lexi in teddy lined faux down filled coat Crumb. Right: Nora in sweat cardigan Hellolama combined with skirt Senna.

Bobbi, Stella and Jazzlyn all three in teddy lined, faux down filled coat Cacatus.

Above: Azur on the beach in coat Chico over totem print longsleeve Top and trousers Pedro. Tula also in coat Chico, combined with sweatpants Harry. Below: Again Azur (double) in coat Chico.