This season, our designers explored handmade effects of all kinds: from detailed embroidery and wandering stitches, to line drawings and hand assembled print designs. Each element is instinctively layered with a different technique for fascinating results.

All the way above: Querelle is wearing sweater Kamelia based on the hand painted flower art work here above. Below: Jip in skirt Sigrid and pullover Karice with large scaled flower.

Left: Jip is wearing dress –. Right: Jip in a kimono jacket and cardigan Korin.

Above left: Jip in Beyonce blouse under spencer Korra. Above right: Jip in dress Dian. Middle: Jip in blouse Bianca under knitted sweater Kymia, combined with trousers Pixie. Below: Traditional Fair Isle patterns catch the eye in unexpected colours. See Jip in sweater Kelcy and cardigan Klair.