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About Oilily

Oilily was founded in the Netherlands in 1963.The brand started out with children’s wear and was the first ever to place the child at the centre of its creative proces.This groundbreaking new vision of children’s wear resulted in a spectacular and vibrant style nobody had ever seen before. The success of our children’s wear collection sparked the launch of Oilily's first women’s wear collection in 1986. Since then, Oilily has been a hallmark of creativity in the wardrobe of both women and children.

The vibrant use of color, innovative design, playful patterns, detailed craftsmanship and a certified high quality has brought Oilily a large number of fans and faithful customers. Today, our products are sold through 2,500 resellers worldwide among which high street boutiques and high-end department stores in Europe and Asia as well as a sophisticated e-tailers worldwide. Oilily’s own e-store offers the greatest selection of Oilily products and ships out to most countries in the world among which the U.S.A.

About Oilily


Oilily creates Fashion and Home collections. Fashionis includes women’s wear, children’s wear, shawls, bags and small accessories. Home includes bedding & bath collections.

50 years of Oilily

In 2013,Oilily celebrated her 50th anniversary. A significant milestone for the Dutch fashion house, which spent a long time fighting the establishmentwhen it was first set up in 1963. Back then Oilily’s collections were simply too colourful and imaginative for the general public. Yet, despite the initial hesitancy, over the last 50 years Oilily has grown into a distinctive lifestyle brand with many fans worldwide.

Discover how Oilily got where it is today at our Online Museum. Have fun!